1. Katie D.

    I don’t have endometrosis, but I’ve been diagnoised with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). That is also typically managed through birth control, which isn’t ideal for a number of reason, most importantly that my husband and I are trying to start a family!! (so now I’m on clomid)

    My hormones are also out of balance and my chiro did a release on my lower back and after nutritional testing, it came up that I have a sluggish thyroid and am on a thyroid supplement. This hasn’t really helped my PCOS but has completely eliminated my sugar cravings. These cravings were OUT OF CONTROL and I would crave sugar so bad that I could literally smell it. As a result of no sugar cravings (or even desires!) I’ve lost 7 lbs.

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks for sharing Katie. That’s wild about being about to smell sugar! I’m so glad for you that you were able to find a solution for that. Best, best, best wishes with conceiving!

  2. Wow, I can relate! About a year and a half ago, I was in severe pain every.single.day from cysts and polyps that were completely covering my left ovary & tube (a few on my right) as well as periods that were coming multiple times per month. They did surgery to remove them (all but one on my tube that would have required them to completely remove my tubes if they tried and since I was only 24 they didn’t want to do that obviously). This was when they also were able to confirm the endometriosis. After surgery I was then put on a medication that basically forced my body into a version of menopause in an attempt to get rid of the endometriosis. After 3-4 months of that, I was put on birth control to “bring my system back to life” though it took another 3-4 months before I was even spotting. About a month and a half ago (maybe two?) I took my last birth control pill (not because a doctor said so but because my insurance ran out) and I just started getting a period again. I work for a chiropractor and they’ve been very supportive in my attempts to heal naturally and get off of all my prescription meds and get my body to it’s normal state. What’s to come is still unknown…

  3. wow, faith. I’m sorry for this hardship, but amazed at your bravery in sharing it. I’m anxious to read the second part. I agree with you about birth control pills. I didn’t suffer insomnia but definitely lower sex drive. I’d be resistant to ever going back on.

  4. Ruthee Morris

    My room mate has a fantastic book that I just looked through briefly for mention of endometriosis. It doesn’t seem to approach alternative therapies for it, but discusses the higher tech options that are out there. However, I think the book would be well worth taking a look at, as it is called “taking charge of your fertility – the definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement and reproductive health”. My room mate has used herbs for instance, for many years, as a 100% successful alternative to birth control. I am looking forward to figuring this out myself and plan to buy this book to start learning!

    best wishes to you Faith!

  5. Natalie

    Shit. I’m sorry to hear about this complication. Although, I’m happy to hear about the clean pap. I’m curious if Maya abdominal massage may help. This sounds like quite a journey you are beginning. But one, I think, you will handle with grace. I know we don’t know each other well, but I’m here for support, sister!

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