1. Funny how most of the suburban bandwagon (not that it’s a bad thing people are educating themselves) organic, non-GMO, non-pesticide, free-range egg crowd who would never DREAM of putting indiscriminate chemical killers in their garden will pop antibiotics for anything and scrub their kids’ hands with antibiotic soap for an hour if they even look at dirt.

    • gracefulfitness

      Here, here Mike! I didn’t EVER take them until a bad wisdom tooth infection around 23. Unfortunately I’ve taken them several times over the last decade but am still more conservative than most.

  2. i LOVE this yogurt!! i found it in our local supermarket and was so surprised with the price (very reasonable for being grass fed). i couldn’t get over how thick it was for being kefir. its the main yogurt we buy now!

  3. I also smile and appreciate when you write about something you remember learning from me, way back when. I am reminded to ferment something this weekend along with canning lots of dilly beans.

  4. dniq

    Latta doesn’t make real kefir. It’s fake. Real kefir is sour and looks like thin sour cream, not like jelly. The ingredient list on the packaging is false: the product contains artificial sweetener and thickener.

    If you want real kefir – try Trader Joe’s or Evolve. These two are the closest to the real kefir.

    I’m Russian and I’ve been drinking kefir since childhood.

    • gracefulfitness

      This is a curious comment. Where do you get your information that Latta does not print their real ingredients?

      • dniq

        1) it doesn’t taste like real kefir,
        2) it doesn’t look like real kefir,
        3) real kefir should produce new kefir, if added to regular milk (about 1 tablespoon of kefir per glass of milk) and left at room temperature for a day. Latta USA’s so-called “kefir” doesn’t.

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