Come Back!

I’ve been mulling over my comeback post for about 5 days now.

It’s been nearly two and a half months since I posted, by far the longest break in Gracefulfitness’s 3+ year life, and I wanted to make a slam re-entrance into this wordy world.

But nothing seemed grand enough.

So I decided to open with


It’s been a while. 

I feel a little bit like I owe an explanation for my absence but it was such a conglomeration of factors small and large that it is hard to separate them into any order of significance.  Plus, the reason for starting again is so much more pertinent to me at this point.  

I want to blog again because I miss it as a creative outlet, especially the writing part.  I want to blog again because I’ve barely picked up my camera in the last several months and blogging inspires me to shoot.  I want to blog again because readers have touched my heart by reaching out and saying they missed my presence and hoped all was good in my world.  As readers you have shown me that I have a unique voice and a unique and valuable perspective.  I want to blog again because I’ve experienced some really sweet and some really interesting exchanges with virtual friends from around the globe.  Through blogging I have learned to be grateful for those moments of connection, not matter how fleeting or not ‘IRL’. 

So here I am, back at it again.  I don’t know how regularly I will be posting but I know that routine helps keep in me engaged so I hope to get in at least one post a week.

Thanks for reading!