Please Mind the Symptoms

Over the last 24 hours I’ve snapped at my husband, a well-meaning friend, my husband again, the front desk woman at my gym, my husband again, and then nearly lost it on a whole line of ladies waiting to sign in for their Barre class.  After making a round of “it’s not you it’s me” apologies I realized what was going on.  Seriously?  It’s that time again? In an effort to save my grumpy-ass some apologizing energy I decided to draft a letter.

To Whom it May Concern:

Let this serve as a warning, over the next 3-5 days I will likely be experiencing a case of Passive-aggressive Mean Streaks.  These can range from Pretty Moderate Symptoms to full-blown Pissy Moments in Surplus.  I would like to pretend that I can still be my usual Peaceful, Mindful, and Sweet self during this period, however, I feel Plenty Mean Spirited. I know that this Pretty Much Sucks to be around but let me assure you, reacting with anything other than Patience, Mellowness, and Sympathy will result in Piling on More Stress for everyone involved.

That Pretty Much Sums it up, please take this challenging time as just another aspect of my Passionate, Magical Self.

With a Pure heart and Much Sincerity,