1. It was actually your papa, who in a ‘drug induced state” in spring of 1970, while visiting an aspiring dancer friend in NYC, looked into a very sparse refrigerator and saw a foil packet of raw ground beef (which I had grown up adoring, along with my mom). I opened it and closed it quickly, opting for a salad (the only other, and much enjoyed choice). Just a few months later I went to work on a beef cattle farm in NC, owned by a local feed mill. I was also cleaning commercial chicken coops. These two jobs affirmed what I had unexpectedly wandered into, some 44 years ago. Once we hosted a neighborhood pig roast, and I gave it a try. I helped butcher a goat, and gave it a try. I sampled venison a friend shot and cooked. I stopped seafood in my macrobiotic years, and started up again. I enjoy exploring food topics with you.

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