I Want to Blog Again!

I want to write/blog so badly.

I think about it often, I try to start posts in my head, I even sit down to the blank “Add New Post” page but nothing comes out.  Many times over the last month or two I’ve tried to reconcile that Gracefulfitness has had a good run and it’s cool, it’s totally fine, to let it go now, “gracefully”.  But! I miss it!

So here I am, trying to put something down to get over that hurdle of the first post back after a long hiatus.

Random tidbits from the last six weeks;

  • I finally learned to cook collard greens! And now they are one of my favorite greens (yes, higher on the list than kale).  The beauty of collards is that they really need you to cook the shit out of them to be good (unlike kale and chard which get overcooked so easily and turn into an unappealing mush).


  • My love for Pilates is reignited and I’m excited to practice more and maybe finally go after that reformer certification I’ve been dreaming of for years.  Any recommendations on programs?


  • Willie Nelson.  The man kicks ass.


willie nelson lockn


  • Dancing is my happy place.

Brian Rimel photo



Brian Rimel Photo

Photo credit: Brian Rimel

  • Fall is lovely and sad and motivating, both in the garden and in life in general.

Miss you all, hope you’re well.



  1. Christine

    So glad that you are back in this space. While I would understand if you chose to let it go, I am happy that, for now at least, you are still writing. I’ve been a reader for years, and I enjoy seeing glimpses of your life and the stories you share with us. Thank you.

  2. Don’t feel bad. I too have the same dilemma. Just like the monologue commentary inside my head structuring my next facebook post that I never actually write, I too have the desire to stay connected with my customers and faithful blog followers ( http://www.soulsticesoaps.com/blog/ ) about all natural living and the use of essential oils in daily life. There are times when I have to force myself to sit in front of the computer, as you indicated, staring at the “new post” button, until something pops in my head. Then, after brainstorming what I will write about, something in the line of thinking drives me to change my topic to something else. Of course, then I brainstorm that topic and end up finding again something more interesting to write about until finally I yell at the interior of my mind and say, enough is enough, just write the darn thing.

    I guess all that was to say, I feel your pain. 🙂

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