1. Courtney

    Hi Faith,

    I struggle with the same issues of self care and dis-ease, except instead of cold sores I get migraines and/or anxiety attacks. It’s so easy to get caught up in daily life and expect perfection out of ourselves…then…bam! Insert random ailment here. When I get a migraine it’s usually cue for me to slow down my lifestyle/my brain and practice some self-care, in the form of baths, alone time from the boyfriend, extra sleep, etc. Instead of trying to treat the migraine at that point, I try to take a proactive step in 1 or 2 things that are at the forefront on my mind that I’ve avoided dealing with. That usually eases my stress and then eases my body.

    I am looking forward to the day when my PCP will understand the mind/body connection I work off of, and accept it rather than fight me with countless medications and dismissal of my opinion. Any advice on how to get your western doctor on board with your more holistic thought processes would be so appreciated. I wish I could find a new doctor/alternative medicine but as of now I am bound to my insurance and meager health reimbursements.

    Take care,


    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Courtney,
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments. The doctor thing is a really hard one. I think that one of the big problems is that natural/holistic/non-medical treatments and PREVENTION aren’t taught in med school and so most PCP’s just really don’t even have the knowledge to have a conversation with you about such things. This isn’t “their fault” as I see it but it is a problem with our system, the way that chiropractors and acupuncturists and osteopaths and md’s and R.D’s and nutritionists and naturopaths rarely actually work together to treat patients. Unfortunately most of us don’t have insurance benefits to cover the more alternative so we try to rely on our PCP for things he’s not interested in or even really qualified for. That’s a bit of a rant and one you seem to know already, sorry. 😉
      I would say do your own research and unfortunately don’t expect or rely on your doc to know more about how to use diet or vitamins or alternative therapies to help yourself. He is (hopefully) good at diagnosing issues and prescribing medicine but his scope of practice is really pretty narrow outside of that by the nature of the beast.

  2. erin root

    Dearest Faith,
    As you said, it is all about listening. For a long time I was resistant to fall (the season), it represented sadness and darkness to me. Over time, I’ve learned it is more about the harvest, letting go and being slow. Slowing down enough to listen. I love the days where I have space and time to step outside and listen to the larger rhythms, feel my feet growing into the ground, and move with….These are the days I drink enough water, and eat for me. NOW to find that vegan chocolate cake recipe that I was looking for!!!
    Much love,

  3. It is an odd thing that so often we ignore what are bodies are telling us and “push through” until we are down and out with a cold or what have you. And then when we do end up sick, sometimes the advice is to take medication and keep going. I was definitely in both of these groupings until the last few months. I am really trying to cultivate self-awareness and listen to my body. When I do, it is much happier and my immune system seems to be able to take care of me, just like it’s supposed to.

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