1. Thank you dear daughter. Either you were the first response to the online fundraising email or the timing was synchronous. When I read the dedication to Trillium and Yarrow, I teared. I will share the credit you extended to me about modeling sharing behavior with those in need with your Zeyda, who inspired both of us to share resource when we see needs.

    • gracefulfitness

      Many conversations in Florida last month about Zeyda and his legacy definitely inspired this post but the intro took a turn and didn’t end up including that bit.

    • gracefulfitness

      Yay! That was my intention in sharing it. My donations were small, $20-30 each, but it was really nice to take a moment to think about what felt important for me to support and I hoped that by sharing it I would inspire/remind others to gift as well. Happy holidays!

  2. Ellen M

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and your most generous and heart warming way of gifting this season. Your Zeyda would be proud.

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