1. Jennifer

    I love DVD workouts! I am open to any pack! I am a “light” runner and lift once a week, but am trying to increase the lifting. I feel best when lifting!!!

  2. Errign

    I’d love the Jillian pack! Currently, I’ve been taking advantage of my free passes to my husbands gym and going to new to me classes like spin and body combat!

  3. Courtney

    Hi Faith, What a great idea! I’d love pack #1– I live in a neighborhood where I can’t walk alone to exercise after dark, and with my work schedule, I have issues fitting in work outs. Pack 1 would be great DVDs to use as an alternative.



  4. Therese

    What a generous idea! I love the look of pack 4. I used to dance and have enjoyed the NYC ballet DVD workouts in the past! Now I have a nap-resistant 6 month old, so I am anxious to squeeze in quiet workouts when and where I can!

  5. Christina

    Hi Faith,
    My personal favorites are the second and third DVD packs.. I’ve been using workout DVDs that we have around the house, but none of them are particularly geared towards my workout goals and I’m always looking to try something new! Especially during the winter, I find that I’m not motivated to leave my house, so DVDs really do the trick! Great giveaway idea 🙂


    • gracefulfitness

      All these comments make me wish I had more dvd’s to give away!
      Collage video is a great site to buy them if you’re interested because you can preview and read lots of reviews plus the prices are pretty good. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy Holidays!
    I would love the Jillian DVDs.

    I teach exercise most days but like to find new ideas from DVDs and do the DVDs if I get a day off. I bought one Jillian DVD and would love to try some others….

    Thanks for sharing. Louise

  7. Adie

    So awesome. I love DVD workouts too mostly because the gym isn’t my thing. I’d love pack 4 because those would both be new to me. I’ve been interested in the ballet workout and I NEED to strengthen my core so I don’t get hurt anymore! I also luuuv Jillian and although I have some of her DVDs (love the Yoga Meltdown), I’d also be interested in pack #2 if you don’t have any takers.

    I live here in the ‘Ville, so if you choose me for any of these, please don’t go to the trouble to ship them. I can just pick them up! 🙂 Thanks for sharing- both these and your thoughts. I loved your Thanksgiving post.

    Hoping 2015 bring lots of love your way cutie,

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi! Thanks for writing!
      I went ahead and gave to the first 4 who responded but I’ll check my collection, I might have a few to pass on to you.
      Hope to run into you sometime.

  8. Kim Burleson

    What a great idea ! I live in rural VT and my workout consists of a routine at home in the early AM . I did invest in a good treadmill which I use as a warm up -cardio and then use a variety of workouts off of YouTube . I would love to receive pack #1 or 3 – either would be a great addition to my routine !!

  9. This is so giving of you! I’d love Pack 3 as long as the exercises aren’t too hard on the knees. Otherwise, Pack 1. I am 5 months postpartum and it is time I slowly get back into exercise. My autoimmune disease came out of remission just when I was starting to exercise after my baby was born, putting everything at a standstill. Now that the medication is starting to take effect, I am excited to start moving my body again.

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Laura Ann,

      I decided to be totally diplomatic and just give to the first 4 who responded but I wanted to wish you luck in your post-postpartum path and managing your illness.

      Happy New Year!

  10. gracefulfitness

    I decided to make 4 packs to save myself some shipping but now I wish I had dvd’s to give away to all of you! Highly recommend yogaglo.com and pilatesanytime.com for streaming videos, both cost but have free trials and an awesome variety for all levels and duration.

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