Oh, Hello!

Over the weekend I was performing in a dance concert and a man in the audience, who has known me all my life, had the following comments; “she looks like she’s 18.”

Quickly followed up with; “But she must be 40 by now.”

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday.

As birthday’s can tend to do, this impending number change is making me think about my life, my priorities, my future.

I had a really hard winter.  Not exactly sure what was going on but I was on edge a lot, always feeling like I had to many balls in the air.

Now, I can be one helluva juggler but between teaching three different places, managing three airbnb units, working at the clinic, dancing and choreographing with concorDance, creating a new to perform as a guest artist with Trillium, and producing the end of the semester dance concert at the college I felt like I was in a constant state of trying to avoid being hit in the face with one of those balls.

Actually, I did get hit in the face quite a few times.

Finally I took the hint and I let some of those balls drop and decided not to pick them back up.

I let go of managing two of the airbnb’s and told the college that after 7 semesters as part of the dance faculty I will not be returning in the fall.

I gave my final last week, uploaded my grades, and immediately felt relief and a beautiful balance of energized and grounded.

My creative energy and energy in general was getting sucked up in a way that wasn’t making me happy.  Case in point, I haven’t blogged since the very beginning of the semester but now that it’s over, here I am!

I had a really wonderful, inspiring, and creative weekend in West Virginia as a guest artist for a dance performance with Trillium Performing Arts Collective.  My niece and I played hard and had some great photography sessions, which reminded my how much I love that art form (more on that on Wednesday!), I danced and was inspired to dance in ways I hadn’t felt for a while, I exercised, I had leisurely meals with family.

All of this is really just a catch up from where I left off in my last post, my non-resolutions for 2015.  I had several people respond to this post they would like to hear a follow-up on how these “goals” are going for me.


Kinda rocking this one.  Things still slip through the cracks but I have noticed a significant improvement on taking the bull by the horns and getting shit done in a timely manner.   As over-attached to my phone as I am, I must give it a huge amount of credit for helping with this, I can look up the phone number for the best dentist in town, make and appointment, and put it on my calender with just a few finger movements.  Win for technology!


I have fully failed miserably at this.  Straight up failed.  I’ve read one and a half books in the last 6 months and completed multiple seasons of Broad City, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, and Top Chef.


This topic probably deserves at least one, if not several, posts but to put it quite simply, I am doing well with this one.  I’ll also mention that I know I don’t  really need to lose weight.  However, occasionally things shift and I notice the scale or the clothes telling me that I’m up from my “normal” weight.  When this happens I resist any urge to reevaluate/pump up my exercise and instead I look at whether I’ve been listening to my body recently.   I gain weight when I don’t listen to my body.  I lose weight/maintain when I do.  So damn simple, so ridiculously complicated.


Goal achieved and still going! I have been totally geeking out on anatomy lately and have learned a ton.  I did a wonderful workshop on hip anatomy and yoga with Tiffany Cruikshank back at our old stomping grounds of Yoga Pearl (we worked there together for several years back when I lived in Portland).  Next month I’m looking forward to attending Wanderlust yoga conference in West Virginia.  Tonight I am starting to teach Pilates Reformer classes, a goal I set over 5 years ago finally coming to fruition.

I have several more posts swirling in my head but that’s all for now.