Ice Breaker


It’s December.


It’s been over four months since I posted.

The hiatus wasn’t intentional in the beginning but new years resolutions(I’ll get back to that in the next post), it wasn’t surprising and after a month of not writing I knew it was going to be a while…possibly forever…before Gracefulfitness was updated.

Happily (for me!), that is not the case.

I’m a creative being.  That’s not a testament to the quality of my work but rather an acknowledgement of the insatiable craving, the itch that must be scratched, to have a creative outlet in my life.

I find myself melancholy and a bit on edge when this craving runs rampant.

I’ve been like this for as long as I remember and yet it still sometimes takes me weeks or longer to remember the remedy; create!

The “stars aligned” this week. First, I had a conversation with someone a few days ago about how I needed to blog again, about how I was missing the words and images and interactions.  Second, I got this very sweet, out-of-the-blue, comment from a reader

Dear Faith,
I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and especially looking at your photography. Your photography is absolutely breathtaking and your posts are insightful and allow me to do some reflection on my own life. I noticed you haven’t posted in awhile and I hope that you are doing well especially with the holidays around the corner. Hope you post soon and that you have a lovely Sunday.

I have my work cut out for me; a hacker just about snuffed out 5 years of blogging a few months ago and while the written content is restored (thank goodness, for my archival sake and sanity!), the formatting, design, and images need work.

(HUGE shout out to Dream Host for AMAZING customer support in helping me retrieve my blog back from the jerkface hacker, such patience and courtesy)

Feels good to be back.


  1. Danna

    This just made my Monday. It never ceases to amaze me how writing and images can make such a great impact on an individual.

    Here’s to you Faith!

  2. heidi

    I’m happy to see you writing again! I don’t even remember how I first came across this blog, but it has always been a pleasure to read what you have to say, and to enjoy your lovely pictures. All the best to you in this new year!

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for reading and for the lovely comment!

      Blessings for a healthy & happy new year to you!

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