1. Great post!

    I am working toward conscious eating. It’s a practice 🙂 I’ve struggled with being overweight for a couple of decades. I’ve lost weight, only to regain it. I’ve changed my eating habits, only to overeat consistently and eat “unhealthy” foods during times of stress. I’m currently working through a program that focuses on adding more fun in your life and living a fantastic life, while eating consciously and paying attention to your body. I really like the approach, and I’m glad I’m getting the coaching and online support that I am. It’s good to know when you need a little help 🙂

  2. brenda

    I’m like you sometimes i eat several times a day, sometimes just once or 8 to 9 hours apart. when i don’t eat a lot i munch on nuts.

  3. “smoked salt, gorgonzola cheese, and siracha and made it amazing.” That combo sounds amazing in itself! Great and thoughtful post. Some good areas to help create some shift for myself.

  4. Jodie

    Thank you for articulating this Faith–I have read several times and am reflecting how I eat. This was so weel explained and helpful!! Xoxo

  5. Esther

    Thank you for your courage to share and articulate on such an important topic. Working as a personal trainer really helped to shine a light on disordered eating and it’s prevalence. I feel like I went through a major transformation when I had to start teaching others how to be comfortable in their bodies. I also feel like that industry misinforms and feeds into the guilt around food and body image…It’s a discussion that needs to keep happening. Conscious eating is the best thing we can do for ourselves! – Esther

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