1. Faith,
    I’m about 6 weeks out from turning 35 myself, and I feel the same way. I keep judging myself for not being who/what/where I think I should be. I also need an attitude adjustment. I’m going to follow your lead and be GRATEFUL for the chance to be 35. (And not, as you said, 16, 25 or even 30!)
    Happy Birthday to you!

  2. I struggle with this as well. Not because I am upset at being another year older but because I haven’t accomplished some of the goals I thought I would have by my age (life sure does seems infinite when you’re 18). I have remind myself of the incredible journey I’ve had thus far and be grateful for all of the unimaginable trails I’ve walked.

  3. Cedar

    You are my inspiration and my leader. Thanks for showing me how to live gracefully. If you were younger I wouldn’t have you as my amazing older sister. I love you

  4. I’m pretty sure that I’m turning 35 the same day that you are (12 May?!) I have to admit I have conflicting feelings about turning 35 as well – sometimes I’m a bit worried that I’m not as ‘successful’ as I should be by this age. But on the other hand, I know I’ve had an amazing life in my own way. Thank you for the reminder to always be grateful (and happy early birthday!)

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