In 2017 I Will…

Happy New Year!!

I am quite glad to report that this year has started off much better than last, the weekend was perfectly filled with friends and relaxation and I am going into 2017 feeling excited, optimistic, healthy, and happy.

My non-resolutions…

In 2017 I Will

  • Speak my heart and mind with less fear; less fear of ridicule, of offending, of meeting resistance, of looking silly/stupid/dumb.

  • Become more financially responsible by keeping better track of the money in and the money out and diversifying my investments.

  • Continue to eat what I want when I want without guilt or fear or regret.

  • Continue to practice “Body Led Workouts”; listening to my body and responding to what it’s telling me (if I’m energized and feeling great I go harder, if something hurts I stop or switch exercises, if I just can’t get my head in the game then maybe I throw in the towel without attachment to the workout I was “supposed to do”)


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