1. papa

    What a stunning and moving summary of the energy we felt all over DC all day. Thanks for the shout out. So proud of the woman you are.

  2. Margy Bruns

    So very moving…I got chills by the end! Thank you for being one of a few million brave and tireless folks to share energy and beliefs. I was quite amazed with the power of just watching the march on television (!!!) so actually being there must have been incredible. We will carry on!

  3. Lauren S

    I agree with all that you said except Anti-choice is NOT anti-woman. That’s false for many, many women who are against killing fetuses.

    • gracefulfitness

      Thank you for your comment Lauren. I understand this is an incredibly controversial, opinionated statement and I respect your opinion. My stance is that abortion is not just a women’s issue and it’s a personal choice, not a political issue. I overheard a woman at the march telling the story of how her pregnancy was likely going to kill her and was definitely going to result in a “not viable” fetus, she choose to save her life by aborting. This issue is far from black and white and while I respect “pro-life” as a personal choice, I firmly stand that it should be just that, a choice.

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