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It’s been two wild, rough, rocky, foggy, beautiful, heartfelt, challenging weeks.

Everyone’s measure of Cornonatime has different bench marks and, for me, the ground shifted March 16th with the first case of Covid-19 confirmed in Charlottesville.

Shit got real.

Really quiet; work halted.

Really slow; what day is it?

Really sweet; a Zoom call with family from California to England that ended, reluctantly, after 90 minutes of giggling together.

Really sad; “donating” two dozen cheap leftover construction masks to a local nurse friend who confirmed that they are desperate for any protection or “PPE”.

Really messy; I know I am not the only one having miscommunication these days over seemingly simple things as tension is at an all time global high.

Really clean; hello Lysol wipes, again!

Really gratifying; I was so honored that nearly 20 people joined me for my first ever Zoom Mat Pilates class, teaching movement is an incredibly beautiful example of positive reciprocity.

Really spacey; wait…what was I doing?

Really contemplative; or maybe that’s just spacey again…

Really reactive; who is this passive-aggressive, sobbing, on edge, victimized toddler that has taken possession of my body at the drop of a hat?

Really surreal; enough said, no?


P.S. I’d hug you so big right now, if only I could reach.