Silver Linings

I’ve never had a hard time filling my time.

I gratefully contribute this to creative parents who homeschooled my sisters and I, often in the form of gentle nudges towards self-directed creative learning.

Boredom is not a familiar state to me.

Here are some things my newfound (lack of) schedule has opened up time for;

Studying I dork out on only a few things in life and movement mechanics is one of them. Learning about the body and how we can move more efficiently to improve strength and wellness and decrease pain thrills me.  See? Doooork out.

Pilates is my main jam these days (this decade?) so most of my studying comes through that form, my current goal is to finish a 15 hour Leslie Powell anatomy course fromFusionEDU.

Reading Yesterday I finished Depak Chopra’sSeven Spiritual Laws of Success. This book gave me breath and footing several times this week. It served as an important reminder that everyone, around the globe, is challenged and struggling in their own way right now. This book served me like a mediation to send out love to others and to be forgiving with myself, as well as a reminder to practice patience and kindness. And to chill the fuck out, “don’t try hard, try easy”.

Click here for a two minute YouTube video of Chopra himself giving the cliff-notes.

Any 5 star novel recommendations?

Following My Intuition “Normally” I get very caught up in my timeline and to-do list for the day.  Over the last three weeks I’m letting go of the “I should’s” and asking myself, “what do I want to do right now?”. Often times that means taking care of business, I am grateful to have work through virtual teaching at Posture Studio , but it also means sitting on the porch and listening to the birds or taking a nap or going for a walk or calling a friend.

Creative Projects Writing! I’ve dreamed of starting the blog back for several months now but haven’t had the mental bandwidth until this week. I treasure this outlet to collect my thoughts and to connect with you.

If you’re new “here”, I encourage you to look around a bit, I started Gracefulfitness in June of 2010 so the archives go pretty deep.

I’ve also been doing a lot more walking, eating, drinking, crying, apologizing, blaming, middle of the night t.v. watching, cooking, weeding, cleaning, connecting with friends and family, Pilates, miscommunicating, misunderstanding, and wallowing in general.

What ‘silver lining’ has come out of staying home for you? Or, if you are working out of the house still, I’d love to hear how that has shifted and become more or less challenging.