An Eggcellant Exchange

I put out a message on the Charlottesville Mutual Aid Facebook group:

I’m available to assist, tell me how I can help.

She responded:

I have several dozen eggs from my chickens, can you come pick them up and distribute to anyone who needs them?

Of course! I responded, the catch is, I haven’t managed to connect with anyone directly, how about this;

I “buy” the eggs from you and instead of paying you directly, I donate the money to the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, a local organization that is providing small grants (several hundred dollars) to those who need to pay their bills and buy groceries right now.

Any local farmers want to do the same deal with me? I’ll “buy” meat or vegetables from you and send the money directly to CACF because, although majorly decreased, I still have cash coming in (and I’m going to spend money on these products anyway #winningallaround).