Underemployed, kidless, awake since 5:30am…

The carrots are pickled,

Pickled carrotsIMG_2956

The sourdough starter is fed,

sourdough starter

The kombucha is tended to,

Homemade Kombucha

The seeds are sown,


The kettlebells are swung,


And the dreams of big hugs, healthy feasts shared with friends, and live outdoor concerts are carrying me into the “weekend”.  Or at least into a nap. 😉

idleness exhausts me ”

— Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

p.s Relaunched Gracefulfitness on YouTube! There are several plank challenge mini workouts up, circa 2015! Subscribe to the channel for lots of new content coming in the next few weeks; mobility exercises, mini pilates sessions, and…dancer burpees!

Gracefulfitness YouTube Channel


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