How to Kick Inertia in the Ass

The Gracefulfitness Guide to

Kicking Inertia in the Ass

Get up

Move your head around.

Wiggle your shoulders.

Spiral your spine.

Circle your arms.

Give yourself a HUGE tight hug.

Shake and shimmy your whole body. (scare your cats, make your kids roll their eyes, get your dogs hopes up with this one)

Make up a reason to go upstairs, or if you’re already there, go downstairs.

Take out the trash, spoiler alert; it’s really just about going outside. (while you’re there, walk around the property and survey the landscape, take several deep breaths)

Make figure 8’s with your hips. Bonus points if you can do both directions.

Roll down your spine into a rag doll forward fold, soft knees, heavy head.

Repeat 2-100x/day.

PS Check out Gracefulfitness on YouTube for short, guided workouts or join me in a “live” virtual Pilates class through zoom.

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