Monday Mantras


RIP Jerry Stiller, the accidental king of mantras!

Take away the ironic, angry, aggressive shouting and it’s really a beautiful sentiment; serenity now.

It oozes a state of internal calm, grace, and groundedness, even if the external world is hurling chaos.

Three other mantas/acromyns I return to regularly to smooth the pandemonium;


Tara Brach has also shown me the beautiy of RAIN: recognize-allow-investigate-nurture


and similarly Depak Chopra’s version, STOP, has given me grounding and breath during some challenging times.

STOP: stop-take a few breaths-observe what’s going on in your body and mind-proceed with kindness and love


Do you have a mantra? Either a “borrowed” one, like the above, or an original?

One other mantra that I return to regularly, which is borrowed from that great spiritual teacher Sex and The City and which really just encapsulates all of the above,

Breathe & Reboot.