1. Diana Hunt

    I have a long long standing intention to meditate every day and a pretty good track record of making it happen. At first I would simply “force” myself to sit down and take 10 (transformation #) focused breaths. Doesn’t sound like much but the caveat was I had to stay focused on the breath. If on breath 8 I started planning dinner I “had” to start over etc..Sometimes I could be sitting for some time without nearly getting to ten before it was time to make dinner.
    These days with plenty of time to myself I find it far easier to turn it all off for a quiet time of simply sitting and simply breathing. That’s how I see meditation as in “keep it simple, Smartie” these days. In Yoga classes I’ve taught for years I “stress” simple and acknowledge every body’s mind wanders.
    Yes sometimes I set a timer. Yes sometimes I listen to a guided meditation. Yes sometimes I use visualization. Always it’s about THE BREATHNamaste’

  2. Liz

    Meditation for me has evolved from a disciplined sit that is a means to an end, to finding meditative moments throughout the day. I can wash the dishes, brush my teeth, eat, walk, even have conversations in meditative ways. ❤️❤️❤️ Great post my friend!

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