5 Minute Writing Project


I’m listening. I come back again and again to a sense of open curiosity. A willingness to be wrong. A willingness to fuck up, over & over & over. But hopefully not the same fuck ups. That’s the goal. Slow steps in the growth direction without pause or reversing course. What’s important to me? Following through. Being there for people who are hurting, be them family or strangers. Being proud of my actions and aligning them with my morals. The ability to check my ego, check my defense, and listen. Listening isn’t just giving someone the air space to talk. It’s giving them your headspace too. How often does my inner monologue deter true listening?

Day 5 of my #545healthiestme writing project.

I didn’t meditate every day this week, like last week, but I did sit two or three times. Last week’s “project” (I think I prefer this language even to “game”) of sitting everyday definitely brought meditation to the top of my toolbox, right there available to me when I need to grab it.

I hope you all have a beautiful day.