Reflections on Teaching Movement

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As a movement instructor I am often complimented on my clear and accessible cuing.

This is always gratifying for three main reasons; my passion for words is apparent within my teaching, the investigative work that I continually do within my own body is “paying off”, and my students and clients are feeling seen.

My love of semantics is definitely inspired and gifted, in part, by my mom. In high school my sweet momma would wake me up before sunrise and sit by my side in front of her Dell desktop finishing my English papers that we both got to sleepy to tackle the night before. (Perhaps I got my productive morning energy and some of my procrastination from her too…)

I was not born with perfect form and alignment nor will I ever arrive at perfect. I strive for continued improvement. Alignment and posture are a lifelong practice, when I embraced this concept, as a mover and as an instructor, the learning/research/investigation became a lot more fun and accessible.

One of the bonuses of teaching movement is the potential to provide a healthy, safe, welcoming environment for people to be seen fully experiencing their bodies. As I evolve as an instructor (and an aging/maturing human) and in the time of Covid (stress, anxiety, uncertainty, lack of “normal routine”) I understand even more clearly the value and, ultimately the necessity, within this for our overall well being.

I am curious, what makes your favorite movement instructor shine?

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