My Top 5 Reasons for Competing in Ms. Health & Fitness 2020

Facing My Fear of Failure

I am realizing that I’m not a “big dreamer”. Instead, I set my sights on achievable, small, realistic goals, preferably in private so if I do fall short, only I know.

mshealthandfitness2020 is the opposite of that; it’s loud and big and lofty and requires being very public about my goal and ambition.

The decision to compete was driven in part as a way to push myself out of this comfy little safe nest I’ve carefully built for myself and grow my wings stronger and sturdier.

It’s also gently forced me to reevaluate my idea of Failure and Success.

My sweet friends, I have to tell you, I feel successful already! The support my community has shown me is a reflection of me, it’s been overwhelming and wonderful to hear and see how I have inspired, taught, and connected with so many of you.

I Am Every Woman

I am beyond blessed with absolutely incredible women in my life. I always have been. Women who have inspired me, challenged me, pushed me, supported me, shown me myself in ways that shocked me sweetly. Women who have held me tight, flattered me, given me tough love.

Because of strong women, I became a dancer, a runner, a fitness instructor, a blogger, a mountain biker, a whitewater raft guide, a good listener, a yogi, and the woman I am today.

When examining within myself whether I was truly a candidate for this contest, I kept coming back to YES, for all the incredible women who brought me to this point, in honor of them, I am absolutely a candidate to WIN #mshealthandfitness2020

What Better Time to Celebrate Health & Wellness & Fitness

It goes without saying that the global anxiety around our collective health has been on overdrive since March.

My heart is with all of those around the world who are struggling with their physicality around the pandemic. Those of us who are feeling well & strong & energized have the responsibility to balance the scales a bit & celebrate our health & fitness.

An #attitudeofgratitude goes a long way when it comes to health.

I’m Not That Great With Follow Through

Or, to frame it in the more positive, this contest is challenging me to push through procrastination & the desire to “give up”.

As soon as I announced I was competing, I wanted to give up. Fear, embarrassment, insecurity, and self-doubt threw internal tantrums screaming, “just delete the announcements and give up now! If you do this thing, you really gotta do this thing. You must believe in yourself. You must be consistent. You must want to win and take many steps to do that!”

As easy as it would have been to listen to those emotions, something even louder overrode them.

The pandemic, all the “pivoting”, all the soul searching, and all the uncertainty and confusion has taught me something; if I don’t face this self-described “weakness” right now, when will I?

When will I ever get comfortable with self-promotion, following through, dreaming big, & asking for help to achieve these changes?

For FUN!

Health & fitness is fun! I love connecting with people around vitality, body autonomy, and basically anything movement centric.

I named my blog, and subsequently my brand, Gracefulfitness because it embraces the idea(l) that health, wellness, and fitness can be attained with ease, with grace, through fun, and with balance. It can be inclusive rather then exclusionary.

When health is approached with a lighthearted spirit of enjoyment, rather than seen as a chore or worse, a stressor, consistency becomes easy. Choices that support your overall well-being come gracefully and bring pleasure and fun into your life.

You DAILY VOTE & support in this endeavor means so much to me, thank you.

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