Tough Love & The Small Shit

How do you balance sitting in gratitude for all that you are with the desire to make changes?

I’ve been feeling a little down on myself lately about a few superficial things and thus trying (once again ;)!) to come to terms with the above.

Here are my top 3 helpful things to remember when I’m feeling this way:

1. Eradicate negative self-talk. One technique that helps me with this is to imagine that I’m speaking to my best friend rather than to myself. I would never put her down, call her chubby or stupid or unproductive or lame, I would never tell her she should’ve done better without also supporting her achievements. “Tough love” is just tough when you don’t include the love.

2. Make small changes towards your goal. Often times when I’m feeling less than thrilled about myself, for any reason, I’m experiencing a feeling of being out of control. Take the power back. Take action. Move forward rather than wallowing in whatever has you down. Even the tiniest little tweaks can help you start to get grounded again in your awesomeness and help you move forward rather than in negative circles.

3. Look at the big picture. I firmly believe that every human has a right to their personal struggles and challenges, even the “petty” or “first world” ones. Sometimes though, it’s helpful to “think globally” in order to “act locally”.

And of course, the old say “don’t sweat the small shit…and it’s all small shit” aptly applies.