Viva la Resilient!

Viva la Resilient!

Resilience is my 2021 theme, building my resilience is my resolution and my solution.

I could also call it;

Developing My Compartmentalization Skills

Growing a Thicker Skin

Giving Less Sh!ts


Staying Grounded…

I am an empath, which means developing this thicker skin, this shield of resilience, is both uncharacteristic and necessary for “surthrival“.

Take last week for example; it was Wednesday, the 6th day of the year. I am trying to get my shit together to teach more classes while watching the freaking insurrection unfold and feeling deep concern and sadness over my two loved ones who had gone to the ER over the last 72 hours.

I seriously considered canceling my afternoon of work and taking a “mental health day” but after a little internal heart to heart, I recognized that none of these things were happening to me.

These events were in my realm and did deserve my concern, my empathy, my attention, and my energy but they didn’t need to absorb all my psyche.

I love my work and given the events of the day, I felt I could be of service to others by providing a time and space for embodiment and physicality. I put on my proverbial resilient undies and taught my last two classes with a sense of humor and lightness.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the above examples are inherently removed from me. I wasn’t in the ER, I wasn’t in the capital. It’s ‘resilience lite’ if you will.

But then again, part of resilience is not getting hung up in the Struggle Battles (“my struggle is greater than your struggle…”).

I honor your struggle and will work within myself to be resilient and strong, from which place I can better serve you through your struggles and your resilience. I wish the same for you, namaste.

Viva la resilient! 😉

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