28 Days of Planks

Planks are an almost perfect exercise.

In fact, when you throw in some variations, they can be an absolutely perfect exercise.

“Perfect” in this context means adaptible to different abilities, promotes strength AND mobility, turn it into a Mountain Climber or Plank Jack and you even get bone-building impact work and heart strengthening cardio.

I have created a simple (but not easy!) 28 Day Plank Plan that I want to share with you.

This Plank Plan is Intermediate; it assumes that your wrists and shoulders are fine with weight-bearing, it assumes that you have a familarity with plank form, it assumes that you don’t have diastasis recti (abdominal separation), it assumes that you are free from acute or chronic low back issues that could be exacerbated by regularly loading more than your used to.

Check out this quick tutorial on Deep Abdominal Engagement for form tips.

Are you interested in a Beginner plan with options that don’t include being on your wrists/shoulders, shorter holds, more discussion on form? Let me know, I’ll happily make one!

Are you looking for a more Advanced Plank Workout? Check out this quick and hard one from my YouTube Channel.

28 Day Plank Plan

  • Plank everyday for 28 days.
  • A different plank variation for each day of the week (7 total).
  • Three sets each day-feel free to break up the sets throughout the day, especially as the time increases.
  • Increase the amount of time you do the plank each week; 20 seconds each set for week one, 30 seconds for week two, 45 seconds during week three, and finally 60 seconds for the final week.
  • Focus on form. Form over the timer. If your form starts to fail you, rest.

Day 1, do Plank #1, Day 2/Plank #2, and so on for the first 7 days. Week two, start back at Plank #1 but with longer sets.

Week One

3 sets of plank

Each set is 20 seconds (either holding or moving side to side, depending on the variation)

Week Two

3 sets of plank

Each set is 30 seconds (same as week one: hold or side-to-side)

Week Three

3 sets of plank

Each set is 45 seconds (same as week one: hold or side-to-side)

Week Four

3 sets of plank

Each set is 60 seconds (same as week one: hold or side-to-side)

Have fun with this! Recruit “accountability buddies” to plank with you, take pictures of your daily plank, share, and tag #gracefulfitness so I can give you public props!