I Am

faith levine

I am

I am a West Virginia farm girl at heart.  I thrive on fresh air, big gardens, and lots of trees.

faith levine

I am a traveler in spirit. I get a rush from foreign cities, foreign languages, foreign cultures.

faith levine

I am a dancer in body. I flourish in the studio and on the stage, introverted as I am, put me in front of an audience or a room of students and I am at home in my skin.

faith levine

I am a cook. I am calm and content puttering around the kitchen.  Food is art, nutrition, nourishment, an elixer and a comfort.

faith levine

I am an artist, a writer, a gardener, a teacher, a photographer.

faith levine

Gracefulfitness started in 2010.  I was completely naive about what blogging is or how to do it (still am…) but I needed a project and quickly found that it was a perfect marriage of my passion for photography, writing, food, nutrition, fitness, and creating community.

So what is in a title?

Gracefulfitness is infusing your life with movement that makes you feel good.

Gracefulfitness is acknowledging your body’s boundaries while still working to that edge of challenge.

Gracefulfitness is always striving to be authentic in your body.

Gracefulfitness is finding strength, confidence, and balance despite the reality of body image issues and negative self-talk.

Gracefulfitness is relinquishing excuses and getting moving yet languishing in rest when the time is right.