I Travel

I mentioned our big trip on my About Me post but I will tell you a little more here.

In January 2009 Tate and I moved to Lima, Peru.  Tate had just finished earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College and when a job in Lima presented itself we thought it was the perfect opportunity to live abroad, something we had always talked about doing.

Soon after arriving in Lima we knew that we were not interested in extending his one year contract.   It is a very interested experience and ultimately a great year but a year was enough.  We have always been big travelers, running off to Central America whenever we had a break during college, and this seemed like the perfect time to make that extended trip we’ve always talked about doing.  All of our worldly possessions were in storage, strown across the country, from a friend’s basement in Portland to family houses in West Virginia and our expenses were really low (no bills!).

We left Lima on February 1st and headed out on the adventure of a lifetime for 6 months.

We traveled through










But, like all things, the vacation had to end sometime and in September 2010 we moved to

Charlottesville, Virginia!

After being so far from family for the last year and a half we decided we need to be closer and Charlottesville is the place.

Here are some shots from the last few months

And here is a list of highlights from our year and a half abroad (in no particular order)

  • visiting Machu Picchu 3 TIMES in one year
  • three days of hiking in Colca Canyon, Peru
  • eating Indian food in India!
  • going wine tasting on bikes in Mendoza, Argentina
  • Patagonia
  • Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • monkeys! We saw TONS of them in Peru, Argentina, Brazil, India, and Nepal
  • eating ceviche on the beach in Peru (often!)
  • the Taj
  • pandas in China!
  • staying with a family on an island in Lake Titicaca
  • backpacking for 9 days to Annapurna base camp on my 29th birthday
  • eating spinach and cheese empanadas (everyday!) in Argentina
  • the colonial towns of Parati, Brazil and Colonia, Uruguay
  • running the Lima marathon!
  • private yoga lessons on the beach in Uruguay (for $10 each!)
  • aerobics in the park in China
  • biking in Yangshou, China
  • Tibet (it was amazing to be able to experience such a mythical place for myself)