I Surrender,take 2

Still sick.  I feel like my body is very angry with me.  Problem is I dont know what would make my body happy right now.  Rest?  I feel stiff and sore from inactivity.  Exercise?  I feel like, as my momma says, I have been run over by a mac truck.  Hummm, how do you take care of yourself when you don’t know what you need?

Alrighty, I will start with the basics.  I need loads of water.  Glug, glug.  I need nutritious food (at least my appetite is healthy).   Breakfast was awesome.  Half of a small mystery melon with a yogurt cup and oats sprinkled on top.  Very satisfying and delicious.  The yogurt has some sugar added but I decided that the protein, calcium, and “friendly bacteria” made up for it in nutritional value.  And I was so thrilled to finally find REAL OATS at the supermarket yesterday!  We actually bought some instant oats a few days ago out of desperation but they just reconfirmed my dislike of them.  Instant oats are over-processed and as a result have less nutrients and cause your blood sugar to spike out of control.  Instant oats often result in increased hunger while regular oats are very satiating.  And this is plain instant oats, don’t even get me started if you add sugar and artificial flavor.

I think some light exercise is in order today.  Gentle and with awareness to when enough is enough.   On that note, out the door I go!


Finally, a day with no rain!

Yesterday was great.   And really, I shouldn’t complain about the weather so much because it’s the first time in a 5 month trip that it has deterred us.  It was good timing too, Tate and I have both been less than tip-top condition and we really needed to lay low a few days.

But yesterday we went for it.

First lunch.  Egg and tomato soup with a liberal dose of chilis.


Followed by a two and a half hour ride through the countryside around Yangshuo.

It is so GORGEOUS here.  And all the rain made things very lush and green.

I felt a little whipped out from the ride and was worried I may have overdone it a  little.  It’s such a fine line between boosting your immune system with exercise but not putting additional stress on it if it’s already run down.

After a snack, a rest, and some green tea I was feeling great and really wanted to RUN.  Tate and I set out on a path up the river and had a great 40 minute run.  It was so humid that when we arrived back at the hostel a guy asked us where we’d been swimming!  How embarrassing…

I must admit, we were a little nervous about our time in China.  We had heard many stories about how unorganized it was with tons of spitting and no queuing, how it was impossible to find your way around because no one spoke English and everything is written in characters, and, while not expensive, not a great budget travel destination.   Wrong, wrong, and very wrong!

China has been AMAZING!  One of the best places we’ve ever traveled.  So clean and organized.  The people have been really nice.  And traveling has been relatively easy.  As far as budget, things are really cheap.  Those bikes were about $1.30 for all day rental.  Our clean private room with AC is about $14 with internet, tea, hot and cold drinking water, and a dvd-stocked movie room.  Score!  Trains are less than we expected also.  Tonight we take a 12 hour sleeper train and it cost just under $30 each.  And it’s so clean here!  Maybe that’s just our opinion after being in India and Nepal, but whatever-we were ready for it!

Last night we “treated” ourselves to a really nice dinner.  I saw Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant when we first got to town but had been holding off going there because my taste buds were all off from sickness and I wanted to really enjoy this meal.  The restaurant is really lovely and the service was great.  The food was really good, unique and not overly salty, greasy, or cornstarchy like can be the case here. 

We ate

Wheat Gluten and Vegetable Balls

Buddhas Delight (Glass noodles with bean curd skin and loads of mushrooms of different varieties)

Braised Green Beans and Mushrooms

Oh yeah, this “treat” of a leisurely dining experience set us back a whopping $10.  Love China.

My question for you is,

 Do you exercise when you are sick?  What signs tell you you have overdone it?  What signs give you the green light to sweat it?