Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear blog,

happy birthday to you!

Gracefulfitness is two weeks old!  I am so proud of my baby!  And how it has grown in its short life!  In honor of this occasion I am requesting that in lieu of gifts you send feedback, comments, and/or suggestions as to how Gracefulfitness can continue to grow and improve.

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Welcome! Or as they say here in Nepal, Namaste!

Thanks for visiting Gracefulfitness!

This Gracefulfitness blog is a forum to share my passion for exercise, wholesome food, and all around healthy living with YOU!

Gracefulfitness is all about infusing life with consistent exercise and healthy living.

I want to share with you how I have discovered a lifestyle where exercise and a whole food diet are integral to my happiness and a real source of pleasure rather than stress.

Perhaps most importantly, Gracefulfitness is an ongoing process and ever-evolving as we age, change jobs, change homes, change seasons, build families.    I hope my journey of maintaining a lifestyle that gracefully fuses fitness and “real life” will inspire and maybe educate you, or at least entertain!