Schedule Virtual Classes

REGISTER BELOW for the whole month of June (four classes) or by the class. Community discount available for anyone who needs it.

ALL CLASSES are virtual, Zoom is required to attend “live”. All classes are recorded and sent to all participants so you can do the class again or only use the recording if Zoom or the timing doesn’t work for you.

VIRTUAL Mat Pilates with Foam Roller JUNE

Register for all four classes in June; attend “live” on Zoom or use the recording on-demand (all recordings expire July 1st)


VIRTUAL Mat Pilates with Foam Roller Single class

* I will assume you are buying for the next Monday unless otherwise specified Class is recorded and sent to you, even if you are also there in real time on Zoom


VIRTUAL Mat Pilates with Foam Roller Single Class at Community Discount Rate

Use this option if you need a reduced fee for any reason. To buy the whole month of classes (four in Mondays in June), you can purchase four at once.


“I’m so happy to be able to attend Faith’s classes online. I live out of state so in-person options wouldn’t work for me. I’ve always thought of Pilates-type classes as ‘less of a workout’ than lifting weights, but Faith has proven me wrong! I feel sore and stretched in all the good ways after a workout and I’ve noticed my arms and core getting stronger which is so exciting! Definitely check out these classes–you won’t regret it!”

Kaci B.

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